Selena Gomez like you’ve never seen! “Where is she?” Radical change


Selena Gomez is a Worldwide star. More than 170 million followers on Instagram and a lot more fans that follow them wherever it goes. The American singer is a reference, to follow a woman. Brand trend in fashion, and each of his publications has like thousands, millions of ‘me’.

A fact, the causes that all of your movements, big effect. Your name has to discover for a lot in the last few days, after the millions of dollars you in the bank. Also, the trend for the last outfit in bikini, where he teaches chip was. And even dared dared a look pretty.

His last look is quite different. Selena Gomez has become because of the green eyes, yeah, like you do on the photo you can open this message. What are contact lenses? Everything indicates that Yes, but the important question is that it seems to her.

The new look of Selena Gomez.
The new look of Selena Gomez.

The fans of Selena Gomez are going to freak out: “who Are you?”

So, what you have done, know your fans, you asked to see, the last photo, if you really was. So far has not dared to image to publish on a social network, but it seems only a matter of time, if it is a surgery of the eyes, or, as it seems, a pair of contact lenses.

In the meantime, her fans after the singer in all of your social networks. Their social activity is happening on Instagram and also on Twitter, where his followers rely on you on the way up, and more photos, to show, in all its glory. Even more so in this time of captivity, where the entire world is even more slope networks.



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