Shakira ensures that “the managers are too slow,” before the pandemic


Barcelona.- The Colombian singer, Shakirais in quarantine coronavirus (Covid-19), this in the company of her husband Gerard Piqué and his sons, Sascha and Milan, shared a video Twitter in the consciousness of the people trying.

Shakira, ensure that you as a resident / in
Europeshe realized that some of the decisions of the authorities were
wrongthis is before the pandemic.

He also explained that his reaction was too late, to live this, and infections, which claims the disease before it was.

My experience, after he lived in Europe, we noticed that the virus is very fast, and our leaders, too slowly,” commented the singer.

In a similar manner, he invited the citizens to remain in their homes, and follow the instructions, divided by the The world health organization (WHO).

Many countries have not heard the recommendations of the health authorities act too late, or the primacy of the economic over the life, the health of the people,” he said.


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