Shakira wants to ” create awareness coronavirus, and criticized the leaders


Shakira in her current home in Barcelona, where she lives with her husband Gerard Piqué and his children, he wanted to wanted to the awareness of the user in social networks and the world in General, with a video to make awareness about the compliance with the measures for the prevention of the transmission of the coronavirus.

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To apply the brakes so that the emphasis proposed on the insulation to help the world health organization (WHO),,, the curve of the spread of the disease.

In the video, released on her official Twitter Shakira says: “Many countries have not heard the recommendations of the health authorities act too late, or the primacy of the economic over the life, the health of the people”, represent the themes.

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In this situation, Spain is one of the countries which I have attached, and with thousands of people, and people who have lost their lives. On the last day of 235 losses of persons who were infected by the coronavirus have been motivated, a fact so frightening to take Shakira, the measures of your house.

“My experience is that he lived in Europe, we noticed that the virus is very fast and our leader, to prevent too slow”, where the focus is on the countries to take measures to, infections massive.

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This Shakira proposes to the user that they urge their governments to take these measures: “Instemos implement our leader, 15-day social distance at the end. The closure of schools and public places where people come together to smooth the curve and power, and prevent the spread of the virus, especially in countries that are not ready for the offer of advice, as well as in Latin America or Africa,” because they worry about the situation of countries that are not ready to take on this threat.

“Please, we stay 15 days in the house, for the benefit of the needy, the sick and the elderly and the most vulnerable in the world,” she finished her speech, because she is very sensitive.

It should be remembered that the last thing we knew Shakira before this crisis it was, that he made his long-awaited video for “Me”, together with Anuel, “song” was premiered on 13. January of this year, this is the first song of the barranquillera for the year 2020.

It will be recalled, had at the beginning of many of his followers do not believe in the singer Anuel but now everything seems to be otherwise, because it was a great collaboration and the combination of voices.



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