Taylor Swift hits Kanye West and Kim Kardashian after four years


Taylor Swift to reach only after four years, beat the public Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The battle began and the singers, and the marriage with Kardashian in 2016, completed in March of this year with the release of the full conversation between the rapper and the artist of “the Lover” before the publication of the controversial topic of “Famous”.

For, not to this dispute, we have a little bit of memory. Kanye West had already shown the public his disgust for the singer of country in the year 2009.

This year, the husband of Kim Kardashian is in the spotlight Taylor have, if I to ensure your award category Best Video ladies at the MTV Video Music Awards, that was really earned Beyoncéanother one of the candidates for the award for her video “Single Ladies – Put a Ring On It”.

Since then, the attacks of Kanye West, and Taylor were constant. By 2016, the rapper launched with the theme “Famous”, where you as a “bitch” to Taylor and said: “I think Taylor and I, we can still have sex.”

A topic so controversial and made to get up, and Taylor Swift. But in the third in this triangle of Kim Kardashian, had in this time, he published an audio of the alleged conversation, was her husband, the singer, where is this him, the allusion to the song of the West.

Kim had to qualify no problem publicly as a “snake” Taylor, the blame to lie, because, as she says, her husband had asked her, before the release of this song.

Now, four years after the dissemination of the conversation completely without edit of Taylor and West shows that it was so. Kanye never comes, Taylor will tell you that I call you “bitch” yet the part that you, you could have sex: “all my friends from the South that get to know me better, I feel that Taylor Swift needs to me sex”.

This fact has caused a real stir on Twitter, where fans of the singer started a campaign against the couple, Kardashian, with the hashtag: #TaylorToldTheTruth and #Kanye West Isover party. At the moment, none of the parties has expressed, but this war seems again to once again be rolled up.




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