The daughter of Beyonce gets to be in second place with only 8 years old


With only 8 years old, Blue Ivy, he is following in the footsteps of her mother Beyoncé an excellent way, because in his young age, already won two prices musical sung and coescrito have “Brown Skin Girl”.

We remember that Blue Ivy is the daughter more Beyoncé and the rapper Jay-Zso that we can ensure that the great talent of the little comes from his own blood. A fact, according to tested left Blue Ivy you win the award for “best Duo/Group”, what NAACP Image Awards– this was had received their second award earlier, Ashford & Simpson Songwriter’s Award.

In front of this pair of recognitions, his maternal grandmother Tina Knowles not the excitement and the pride of her granddaughter was able to hide, so one of the most heartfelt and emotionally in the story, which was mentioned, the following are devoted to:

“Congratulations, Blue Ivy, by their award from the NAACP yesterday, for the sing, and write, in “Brown Skin Girl”…

…on the cd “The Gift” The youngest artist to win a prize is so important!The grandma is so proud of you!… You give a voice to all the pretty girls morenitas like you.”

So we have no doubt that the daughter of Beyoncé is a rising star, so it would not be surprising that very soon we will see his debut as a soloist or we will surprise you by a new easy.

It is made clear, as his mother Blue Ivy not only enjoys singing, but also dancing and acting. A great list of talents, which had already begun to conquer the whole music industry and had his first recognition at international level.

blue ivy, daughter of Beyonce

Blue Ivy, daughter of Beyoncé, wins his second prix musical with only 8 years old

The daughter of Beyonce receives the second price musical

In relation to this issue, a source close to the family assured that Blue Ivy is a girl who is more intelligent, that one always sees how he is with his mother Beyoncé in the best moments of his artistic life, from the studios to the main ceremonies.


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