The mother of Beyoncé can’t Today avoid to cry, to see, natural hair of your daughter |


The parents of the celebrities are a real treasure trove. And Tina Knowles, the mother of Beyoncéhas us as one of the most exclusive in 2019 as a few days ago, it went with the mother of Shawn Mendes.

The singer has never hidden that she uses in many of her concerts and public appearances, wigs, to try, the abuse of their natural hair. A lot of video clips, movies, soundtracks, carpets, concerts, photo shoots… with long sessions, hairdressing and changes of look as well as for the contact with this way.

Beyoncé is just one more in this movement, we find Katy Perry, Ariana Grande or Nicole Kidmanamong other things. And, of course, use it as usual, this prosthesis is not in front of capillaries, you really know how the natural hair for the stars.

But the social networks, Tina Knowles, the scream it viralizar made a video, I can’t stop, to see, natural hair of her daughter.

As so often in these cases, probably as a consultant, picture of Beyonce have recommended him to delete the video, but the Streisand effect is inevitable and the internet is not something else is spoken.

“Ohhh, to hear, of course, naturaaaaal” Tina Knowles, while she screams and scolds and Beyoncé asked to leave them alone. “Today, the cutting of the hair was, in my small and couldn’t stop to imitate Neal. That was on the nerves, because I can be very annoying!”, Tina writes in their networks.

Queen B has a mane of brown with strands of Golden color comes almost up to the waist.



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