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If it is true that the stories of Instagram are increasingly standardized among today’s artists, also the famous personalities were created to share the creation of a filter in the usual selfies from the social network. Shakira was the last celebrity to this phenomenon. After their success with the performance, which was granted, and the spectators in the Super Bowl, and the recognition you get with the theme of the time that she is singing with the famous Anuel AA: ‘Like’, now the Colombian also has a filter of its own that you just from your last hit.

The in keeping with the theme of the video clip ‘Like’, in the Oriental stylethe filter for the artist will be teleported to the own videos with just one click. The own interpreter ‘Bicycle’ has wanted to submit them to their followers, the filter with a practical demonstration, by taking a selfie with him.

With a crown of flowers, and a few parasols, Oriental background, Shakira a video to your profile of Instagram and asked all of you to imitate and was enthusiastic about its new filters, which use as a small tribute to your recent success, thanks to all of those that it.

The reaction of the singer is not for less, because there is also a list of the biggest stars, the count added, with a filter in Instagram, as Rihanna, Justin Bieber, or Sam Smith. Although it is true that in the case of the singer deserves it, because she has shown, as an expert, has given to networks, with their last challenge of the viral TikTok: ‘champeta’ challenge’, to the world.

As its a new filter furore has caused among the fans of Instagram and have started to try and share it on all your social networks.



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