The Weeknd wrote Save Your Tears over Selena Gomez and fans to prove


The Weeknd could dedicated, simple, “Save Your Tears” his ex – girlfriend, Selena Gomez and the fans of both have found, a test that supports his crazy theory.

The Weeknd wrote Save Your Tears over Selena Gomez and fans to prove

The Weeknd song is dedicated to Selena Gomez

In november 2019, after the end of their relationship, The Weeknd a song that bears the American society of composers, authors and publishers registered the name “Like Selena” and would the new album.

After listening to the lyrics of “Save Your Tears”, a song from their new album, “After Hours”, both fans of The Weeknd as Selena Gomez are sure that it is a mysterious topic “Like Selena”.


“I saw you dancing in a room full of people. You don’t look so happy, when I’m with you. But then you have seen me, you have to take you by surprise. A tear fell from your eye”.

The “room full of people” in the “Save Your Tears” would be a reference to the tour of The Weeknd, he invited Selena Gomez.

The Weeknd, her songs are about Selena Gomez

For fans of The Weeknd, like Selena Gomez, “Save Your Tears” this is the second issue would be is that the musician writes about Latin America, the left, allegedly, him to get back with Justin Bieber.

The first question that The Weeknd would be composite on the romance of 10 months, with Selena Gomez would Call Out My Name, where to suggest it seems that he has to give almost his kidney to the singer to Lupus.

“I said I felt nothing, but I lied. Almost a part cut off from me for your life. So, now screaming my name, when he gently kiss you”.

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Both of these issues relate to the relationship of Selena Gomez with Justin Bieber, as, allegedly, the Latin still in love Canadians, during the time that he has a relationship with The Weeknd.



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