THIS BANG – Miley Cyrus makes her twerking, “the Coronavirus Remix” Cardi B and DJ iMarkkeyz (+VIDEO)


Last week Cardi B admitted that he is afraid of the coronavirus in a video posted on her Instagram. And then the DJ iMarkkeyz mixed the monologue at the end in a song, become the song during this quarantine.

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During the remix of coronavirus of Cardi B and DJ iMarkkeyz furthermore, raged in all over the world through the social networks. Some artists and famous is also associated with the success of the viral and the latest demo, you will bring us Miley Cyrus by twerking the topic.

However, Miley and your friend Cody Simpson seem to be fans of the remix in both directions, as they released their own parody. Self #Corona virus challenge there has crept in the platforms for social video with lots of dancers with mask and gloves.

If not, have you heard, “Coronavirus Remix” the producer and DJ iMarkkeyz is has established, without knowing it, as the song literal pandemic COVID-19, peaking at number 1 in Bulgaria, Egypt and Brazil, the number 10 in the Us and number 60 in Australia. Not bad eh!

However, this is not only for entertainment, but also Cardi he agreed DJ iMarkkeyz and profits of the songs will be as a donation to those affected financially by the pandemic.

“YES! THIS IS WHAT WE DO! Please note that you will not get your money immediately… but within a few months there will be families with financial problems due to be dismissed because of the virus. What donaremos!” Tweeted the rapper.

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