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Just when we thought that we Swift finally arrived at the end of the infamous dispute between Kanye West and Taylor, a further piece of information is of crucial importance. In the recent documentary from Netflix, Swift, Miss Americana, we could see the interruption of the VMA from a completely new perspective. At the time of the unfortunate incident, Swift believed, she was booed, not the West. But, of course, many things have happened between the two from that day on, loyalty and 2009.

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A quick overview of the fight from Taylor Swift and Kanye West

2016 West sparked the hostility when he made his song “Famous” and described the singer of “You Belong With Me”. “For all my ni ** Southside, since I know them best. I feel that Taylor and I, we have sex
Why? I b * ch famous (God da * n) I I as a b * tch famous, “ boasts the song. This letter, significantly, the feelings of the Swift hit, and they mentioned it in his speech at the Grammy little.

Kim Kardashian West is involved

But things got interesting when West claimed that he has the permission of Swift, to the use of the relevant letters. “I called Taylor and I had a conversation of an hour with her on the line, and they thought it was funny and gave his blessing,” said West. The fans were not sure who they will believe, until the Mrs West, Kim Kardashian West, posted a video of the phone call, where it seemed that Swift really gave him permission to West. The star of the reality, the 39-year-old had to understand that Swift was a snake, he the video.

Taylor Swift has been canceled and you attacked it, up to the point that the influence of thinking mentally and made him disappear, in the center of the attention. So sad that you took this treatment, if you said the truth, all the time. #Kanye West Isover party

– Damon Fizzy␌ (@deefizzy) 21. March 2020

Immediately thousands of people began to be, join the behind the West. Took the opportunity to paint, the singer’s red, such as a liar. He also began trending on Twitter with #TaylorSwiftIsOverPary. Swift control of the situation tried. They released a statement to say that you never heard, the last letter of the song, and once said of the West that I relate to you a bi * ch.

Swift told his version of the story on Instagram

“Where is told the video of Kanye to me that he will call me,” this bitch “in her song? Not available because never happened. You can’t control the emotional reaction of someone you call “bitch”, and against the whole world. Of course I wanted to, I like the song. I wanted to believe that Kanye, as I said, I would like to the song. I wanted to, we could have a friendly relationship. He promised the song for me, but he never did, “ began Swift over West in a publication of Instagram deleted because.

Reputation, a album, released at a time in the life of taylor, where their representative was in ruins, thanks to the lies told by the snakes, which, despite the great hatred online success n ° 1 led and sold 1 million copies in the first week of slaps, a little more this evening. #Kanye West Isover party

– david (fan.) (@SeIenalusts) 21. March 2020

Swift closed the Declaration with the words that I wanted no more part of the entertainment “. Be painted falsely as a liar, when you never told me the whole story, I have none of the song is the murder of the character. I would very much like to, excluded from this narrative, one that he will never have you asked me the part, since 2009, “wrote the singer of” All Too Well “, a reference to the infamous VMA incident.

Leaked a video without editing of the conversation

Unfortunately for Swift, the damage had already been done. In spite of his education about the West, he received countless amounts of hatred and was as a snake and a liar for weeks. Things were so bad that the pop star felt the need to leave the network and to the public for a whole year. But now, four years later, it seems that Swift is always the claim that you deserve.

20. March 2020, leaked a video of the call is not processed between Swift and West. In this new version, it is clear that Swift is worried about the letters, the West has invented about you. “Will you be angry?” she asked, before the West has not promised that he is there. He also says that you need to think and listen to the song, before she gives him her blessing. In addition, the letters are-West not informed with Swift were the one that ended in the song.

Twitter explains that #Kanye West Isover

With this new information, it seems that Swift was telling the truth, all the time. Both West as the Swift are currently in the trend on Twitter at the following hashtags: #Kanye West Isover party #Kanye Isover party and #TaylorToldTheTruth. The people got outraged about the amount of hatred, the Swift, in this moment, and to know their feelings.

“The proof that Kanye West and Kim not only do mortificaron Taylor so cruel, vile and terrible, but the lodges around the world, to give YOU a better look and you good to. selfishness in its best time, I suppose #Kanye West Isover party, “ tweeted one person. “Taylor Swift was cancelled and they attacked it, to the point that the influence of thinking mentally and made him disappear had to be the center of attention. So sad that you took this treatment, if you said the truth, all the time. #Kanye West Isover party “, it switched to a different person.

#TaylorToldTheTruth is trending on Twitter

Certainly, it is great that finally the truth is out there about the situation. We hope, however, that the people have learned their words have weight, and you send a person, the large amounts of hate can be harmful, regardless of your celebrity status. We hope that Swift can’t find that something happened to peace on the situation, if even.



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