A new book, ‘the Hunger Games’ wins the title and the cover art of the country; see 22/03/2020


The fans of “the Hunger Games” you know, the title and the cover, national, the book is the prelude to the series, written by Suzanne Collins. The ” you have not, revealed today that the art of “the song of the birds, and of serpents”, is not defined yet on a release date right here.

In the United States, the new volume of the saga, will come in bookstores on January 19. May. The story explores the past, such as President Snow, the villain in the books and the original films, leads to a cruel dictatorship in Panem, which is responsible for the promotion of the hunger games.

“The singing of the birds, and of serpents,” and if it goes on for 64 years before the first book. An excerpt from the English edition was unveiled recently by the American press, the build the snow as a young man, born in a cradle of gold, and eager to, to, to his own legacy.

Originally published in the period between 2008 and 2010, all of the books in “the Hunger Games” portrays the world of the dystopia of Panem is divided into “districts” which each year are offered only the tribute for the hunger games, a competition in which only one of them came out alive.

The film is based have been published on the trilogy of Collins, between 2012 and 2015 with Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. The role of President Snow, played by Donald Sutherland.



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