Angelina Jolie gives $ 2.5 million to the institution in a later Interview,


Brad Pitt is master of the charity, Make It Right, which is responsible for the construction of houses for the victims of hurricane Katrina (2005). It So happens that the owners of the buildings in New Orleans have complained about the standard of the houses in pelaOrganização the star of Hollywood, and after a disaster.

The inhabitants of poisoning by fungi, the walls rotting and leaks complained. Because of this, and came up with a class-action suit against the Do It Right, borrowed in turn by the actress Angelina Jolie is a total of US$ 500,000 US dollars (approximately R$ 2.5 million) to Finance the costs of prosecution, according to the portal of the,uk.

A form of tax on the Maddox Jolie Pitt Foundation (MJP) has shown that a company has borrowed to Do It Right, half-a-million-dollars by the year 2017. The publication also said that the document shows that the MJP has a loan to zero rate, of US$ 500,000 US dollars to the charity of the public.

Brad Pitt takes part in the program, Drew and Jonathan Scott
Brad Pitt, can you interpret “copy” of him? Understand!!!
Brad Pitt gets a message in support of the children after the Oscar

TV show

Brad Pitt, Viola Davis and Melissa Mccarthy will be admission the stars of the program, the brothers of the work, Drew and Jonathan Scott in a new tv show.

A new series on the channel, HGTV, celebrity IOU, is making his debut on the 13th of April, and it features celebrity guests, together with the brothers, to reward special people in the life of the stars with the renovation of the foot.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the producers said: “it Is great to see how someone who think very successfully, in gratitude, and grateful enough, to be able, always remember the people that helped them get it.”

Drew added: “being a part of this show, it really moves us. This is, to love what we do, your life and the lives of people from their homes.”

In addition to the Mall, Viola, and Melissa, Jeremy Renner, Rebel Wilson, and Michael Buble during the show, the first season is also shown.



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