Areas criticized Ninja for the protection of Fortnite and error with harpoon


Areas of and Ninja for a while, have a very different opinion about Fortnite.

Ninja although streamuje on Mixerze and likely to be far, he to the former presence, but it is still has a very large Twitter and Youtube channel. As a result, your opinion is Fortnite is very important in the community.

Areas all the time streamuje on Twitch and often simply pushes Fortnite whereas this game now “cringe“. Ninja for a while, compared to areas, which streamerzy often dogryzają.

Harpoon in Fortnite

Currently, harpoon in Fortnite works a little differently, than in a couple of weeks ago. You are not to focus on selected things is complained, on the many. On Ninjy it was not a mistake, and the planned action:

On these message areas, he replied quoted the Ninja and showed that the harpoon touched the water, and you lift even the fish.

It is hard to deny. Harpoon’s been acting really strange and probably the result of an error. Ninja believes, however, that it may be thought-through actions on the review of the response from the Community of the game.

Who is in this Situation, right? It is hard to say, because on the one hand, really, Epic is able to test, on the other hand, it just looks a mistake. Surely it would be easier to measure if the developers offer the descriptions of the Updates, and you don’t do this for so long that probably no one more asks.



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