Barcelona today: Rakitic speaks about his daughters and Shakira as an example | soccer-curiosities


Until one of the teams strongest and most popular in the world, like Barcelona, has its players in quarantine. And this is the coronavirus covid-19 out there that take it seriously and take the necessary measures to protect from infection.

One of the most important players of the team, Ivan Rakitic, Vice-world champion in 2018 with of your selection is Catalan Croatian and recognized as one of the ruffle’s most talented in Europe. However, due to injuries and technical decisions, this player his best season is not had.

In the middle of the protection, Rakitic told as they prepared to go back to the place, when back in the competition, while you are with your family in the house. “I think I’m doing a lot more than when he is in the city of sports training with my team-mates. I’m lucky enough to have a home gym and my wife is very tense and we are every day, in the morning and often in the afternoon. Rachel (wife), and did we mention that it’s nice to share and more time together and with our two girls and we try him with lots of smiles,” she said.

In the dialogue with the social networks the fc Barcelona Rakitic, he is the Colombian singer Shakira said, the woman by her partner Gerard Piqué, is a role model for his young daughters; she has to dance to his music all the days of quarantine, and to learn, the spectacular form, the barranquillera.

“I listen to Shakira, 24-hour front Desk, learning choreographies and dance zumba. Yes, you have quite a lot of homework and in the morning, it touches us to do the teachers,” said the Croat.

Finally, Rakitic explained that the coronavirus is a serious issue, and therefore said, “I’m not on the road or walk the dogs. The only 50 meters, I have made have been on the street to throw them in the garbage”.



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