Behind in the polls, Sanders Biden outshined in the support of the artists


In SÃO PAULO, SP, Brazil (FOLHAPRESS) – If it all goes wrong on race, democratic “the Bernie Sanders-like early signs that the pre-candidate, forward-looking, 78-year-old can let go of the policy is to find a new career in the arts.
With a good stage presence, and the power to stand up to an intense schedule of appointments, senator for the state of Vermont would like to invest in a face, the music as a folk singer.
The change is not much of a new thing in the life of a pre-candidate for the democratic: Sanders has now, with a journey in the year 1987, when he was the mayor of a small town in Canada.
“We Shall overcome” was not really an album, only for Sanders, but Sanders and the other 30 artists in the beta test, it’s like a “We Are the world” with the here and now a senator in the place of Michael Jackson.
But, what has remained from that time to the present, it has the ability to collect, artist to.
Very unpopular among the representatives of the establishment in the Democratic party, he runs about Joe Biden when the topic is of interest to you.
This scenario is Vice versa, since the former Vice-President favorite for the win is a chance to meet with the President, Donald Trump in November, and the support of almost all Democrats-drop-outs in the course of the primary has won.
That is, on the one hand, senator Amy Klobuchar, on the other, is the rock-band contours. On the one hand, the ex-mayor, Pete development of Africa, on the other, with the winner of the Academy award-winning performance in “the last of the steps of a man, and Susan Sarandon.
He, too, has its celebrities, such as actress Mia Farrow and the writer George R. R. Martin, the author of the a song of ice and fire”, the birth of the hit TV show “Game of Thrones”. However, the amount of artists that support each and every one of these pre-applicants, who has no equal.
The only site that Artists4Bernie (artist of Bernie, in other words, for example, the present 3.756 signatures. The amount of bands that you Most want, as the President of the United States of America is so large that it was self-created, the term “Bernchella”, a reference to the music festival in California.
In a letter to the form of the support of the Vice-President, argue the signatories, that the cultural producers are to a large part of workers who are struggling in precarious conditions, without benefits, and financial security, to formalize, to the whims of the market.”
The art would then be more inclined to appeal to the people, ” the already privileged at the expense of the less fortunate, and a lot of the time, the most talented,” he says in the text.
Thus, they argue that proposals such as Medicare-for-All, that health care should be universal and free of charge, as is the health system, as well as the promises, the cancellation of the debt of the students and the University to the public, free of charge, would create an environment of cultural equality.
The majority of those who signed the Charter is not known, but attention is.on the recommendation of the name as that of the famous photographer Nan Goldin, rihanna, M. I. a, and The former bass guitarist of the band Sonic Youth, Kim Gordon
The half-life, for example, has come to write a funny video that asks the voters to support the Most on Super Tuesday, the most important Phase of the pre-democratic. As we all know, it didn’t work.
The effort of the muse in the indie, however, it also shows that, as well as a supporter of the popular senator of all the celebrities, the campaign for a progressive with a fervor.
They come in the list of the former member of the White Stripes, Jack White, the hip-hop group Public Enemy, and look for key words that were presented in the meetings of the Sanders –in the case of a rock-band, even for the police to arrive, as was the case in New Hampshire.
The characteristics of the environment, in support of the pre-candidate, has a crack in it. Flavor Flav, one of the founding members of the band are in conflict with the leader, Chuck D, after the announcement that he was going to do a show under the name ” Public Enemy-Power in the case of the campaign, the Most in the Los Angeles area.
The sharpness of which, the support of the state, in contrast to the anxiety, the lines for the choice of the luxury, the former Vice President.
In addition to Mia Farrow, to believe He “that’s the thing that really makes US a great country,” and that it “would bring the stability, the support by the way of the experience of life and nature”, the exuberant singer, she was one of the few personalities in the Democrat and darling of the public.
It is known from the records of the choice that have donated a couple of actors, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, the campaign of the Democrats. Other a-list actor, Alec Baldwin, probably one of the best look-alike of the trump in the United States, has suggested a TV show, that He is your candidate.
Also if the trumpet lies is definitely not a supporter of trump, in fact, the President, in turn, have also friends in the world of culture. Jon Voight, another hollywood-and is now best known as the father of Angelina Jolie is a supporter for a very long time.
On his Twitter account and publishes videos, in-defense of the Republic, in which he highlights the qualities that she sees in the Trump -a wise man, and a man of respect, a father, a husband, a friend, and appeals to the arguments of religious people – “it is what God wants to do, in order to protect the nation”.
In this group, together with the a-list actor, there are two musicians: Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, to start the participants asked questions at the meetings. Already, rapper Kanye West is used to be said in support of the trump years to demand only in 2018, “” from a Republican President.
All of this for a year and not “ – then come back again, because it will make decisions on the basis of the style.
However, he is not the only one to spin. Clint Eastwood has gone to the support of Michael Bloomberg, one of the pre-candidates have already the democratic nomination left, although it allows “things” are, which the current President, as I have already said in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal.
The Director of “the Unforgiving” and “Golden Girl”, among other films, however, described the political situation of the vulgar, and said that he disapproves of the way, only “gently” and with this trump card when it comes to Twitter.
This is now a favorite in the race, and he connects with a battalion of artists who have seen their candidates drop like Gwyneth Paltrow, Michael J. Fox, Sharon Stone, the supporters of the Pete the development of Africa, John Legend and Scarlett Johansson, who is the favorite, Elizabeth Warren.
It was on the next Chapter.



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