Beyoncé and her daughter, Blue Ivy, are identical, and this is the proof


Of the same colour, like his father, or so he says, and saw Beyoncé and your daughter, Blue Ivyyou can check it out. The girl without a doubt has had a incredible transformation the fans of the singer have managed to see in your social networks.

And something that many have noticed is that the daughter looks identical to her mother when she was small. It is a photo is sufficient to see that the singer announced a year ago, to recognize that if it were possible, would now collect practically twins.

On the image both Beyonce as Blue Ivy for 7 years, and the similarity between the two is impressive to have. There is no doubt that, if they grow, Ivy is as beautiful as her mother.

In the comments of his followers were just as impressed and that the photography was more than like 5 million “me”.



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