Coronavirus: Selena Gomez connects with the #safe-hand challenge is Fantastic!


Selena Gomez he joined the campaign for the prevention of coronavirus, #Safe hand challenge with a private tutorial Instagram the correct way to wash hands.

Coronavirus: Selena Gomez connects with the #safe-hand challenge is Fantastic!

Selena Gomez joins the #safe-hand challenge

With two videos released, in Instagram, Selena Gomez said 171 million fansto prevent the main points of the proper washing of the hands, so that further infections COVID-19 in the world.

“Very well, here is my #safe hands Challenge ( … ) I Hope that all are kept safe inside! PS: I had to repeat this video many times. This is the best of what I have”.

Selena Gomez has been nominated for the #safe-hand challenge from Arianna Huffington, founder of Huffington Post. The latina-nominated, Olivia Wilde, Gigi Hadid and Cardi B a to participate in the campaign.

The Safe Hands of Selena Gomez

In his tutorial for the #safe-hand challenge, Selena Gomez explained that the washing of the hands should take you 40 seconds, so that the latina told twice, the abc repeat.

The ex – girls Disney recommended to first moisten the hands with soap on them, RUB the palms, fingers, first with the right and to the left, the whole in a circular motion.

The recommendations from Selena Gomez are the same, indicating the world health organization, the Creator of the campaign, #safe hand challenge.

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The #safe-hand challenge is a campaign for social networks created to help the dissemination of the proper technique to wash hands in a fun and original, to “nominate” and three other people to do the same and prevent further infection of the coronavirus to the world.



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