Crazy results of the evaluation Fortnite World Cup


Fortnite World Cup

Photo: Epic Games

In post Epic Games is clear that the assessment, there was only the public with a Twitcha and YouTube. The transmission was also on Facebook, Twitter and in the game itself. However, only the registered results, we know that the world Cup were the most popular event of the Gaming Laptop in the world, at a time, for an audience from China.

In the three-day event, 19, took thousands of Fans from all over the world come to New York to see the best players, rival the distinction of the Bank’s US $ 30 million. The world Cup were divided in four different tournaments: Pro-Am with the participation of celebrities and professional player, creative mode, Finale, Solo, duets, and the Finale. Kyle “Bugha” greed village the first place in the Solo tournament, and won 3 million US dollars. In turn, Emil “Nyhrox” Bergqvist Pedersen and David “Aqua” Van the same amount shared after the tournament duets won.

In spite of the huge Decks, the hope and the support of the Fans, the representatives of the Polish Fortnite at the world Cup came in the Top TEN. The maximum a player was Dynamind, Eugene “teeq” Radzio, of the 43. Position. The next Pole in the ranking was in relation to the x-com AGO Galina “JarkoS” Kaleta. This took place after срочнму Deposit 52. The last representative of our country, Luke “gaps” of the king “the devil”.You have landed on the 82. Place. You can use, however, because the participation in Fortnite World Cup, tens of thousands of dollars on the head.

During the world Cup, Epic Games has announced that Fortnite Champions Series starts at 1. August, along with a Patch that leads into the game X-season.



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