Epic Games promises incredible things in Fortnite


An employee of Epic Games said that soon in the store of incredible things to come.

Recently, an employee of Epic, has declared, wherein the connection problems, and why the repair of this type of error is very difficult.

To is combined, it is possible in a sentence – no one was willing to do this step. Most of the services Server wykupować additional or computing power. This is also true for Fortnite, which is already with the best solutions on the market.

Incredible Things

As we have heard, the helicopter is only a side dish. To surprise soon in the game szykowanych more “incredible things”, the players. Unfortunately, as usual with such news, there was no information.

Choppa and some incredible things, which we prepared in the future. We have many short-and long-term improvements in the game and the infrastructure, which, unfortunately, were a little delayed on current events (…)

Here we have a good message, i.e. the receipt of most incredible things, and the second is a little less positive is that Epic catches in some areas and delays. Most of the staff has to cope with from a distance, by specific tasks in the house.

What could it be?

What do these incredible things? In any case, the speech can go about the skin Travis Scott, maybe even Deadpoola, or something else that will be introduced very soon. We will remind that the last Update introduced several encrypted files:

  • pakchunk1004-Windows client ( 37 MB, probably, backpack )
  • pakchunk1003-Windows client ( 4.7 MB likely to face )
  • pakchunk1002-Windows client ( 40 MB can skin )
  • pakchunk1001-Windows client ( 1.5 MB )
  • pakchunk1000-Windows client ( 11.9 MB )

On the solution of this mystery must, however, have to wait a little.



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