Everything what you want! Fanatics react in a dazzling outfit of Selena Gomez at the beach, Oh, goddess!


Although the photos already for some time in the nets, the fanatical Selena Gomez as a reaction to the outfit, which led, as he in a recent visit to the beach.

The images are from a visit to the coast made young celebrity accompanied by her girlfriends, where they could see a suit on the beach, very noticeable in the color white.

The fans of the the singer, 27 years they were without words, the style of clothing that she wore, with a high cut in both pieces of clothing.

The design is rarely seen since the ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber prefer to be conservative when approaching the coast, and the result of the fact that their fans viralizar photos.

“It is nice”, “I need more”, wrote some of the actions of the actress in memory of the clothes you wore that day.

During the quarantine Selena Gomez has the washing of the social networks to participate in the #safe hands, a challenge to look with the celebrities, with an awareness of his followers, is the importance of the hands.

The composer shared pictures of their recent presentations, and so pleased its fans on the social networks, while his return to the stage craves.



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