Exnovio Jennifer Lopez wishes you the best for your wedding


On his way through Miami, Ben Affleck was interviewed by The fat and the Leanwhere he about his latest plans, professionals, and, of course, she was not to avoid, on topics to talk about, from the heart, as if the divorce with the mother of his children, actress Jennifer Garner, or her devastating relationship with Jennifer Lopez. The protagonist The Way Back see left for their ex-spouses, the best wishes.

Ben Affleck©Getty images
Ben lived during his childhood in Mexico, therefore, fluent in Spanish

A German is almost perfect, Ben, with whom he has almost two years of his life, spoke about the singer. “I like Jennifer Lopez a lot, it is a very good thing for me, now that you have the respect that he deserves…”said the actor in an interview with the presenters Univision.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck©Getty images
The couple was known as “Bennifer’

Also a producer, what was your opinion about the upcoming wedding of ‘The Diva from the Bronx’ with Alex Rodriguez. “It is also a woman very well. And it seems that is very happy now with your friend, I wish you the best with your new marriage.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck©Getty images
The couple ended their relationship in 2004



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