Jennifer Lawrence back on the big screen to star in the successful Netflix and get the details


Jennifer Lawrence in a scene from The bright Side of Life, a film that earned him an Oscar nomination (picture playback)

According to the Deadline, Jennifer Lawrence They are involved in Don ‘ T Look Upthe new Comedy in the apocalyptic to the Netflix. The first feature film from the award-winning actress is on the streaming platform will be mainly due to the Adam McKayresponsible for the critically-acclaimed “The Big Bet” and a “Vice”.

“I’m so excited to do this film with Jen Lawrence. This is what the people in the mid-17th century, they used to call it ‘talent, ‘dynamite’,” said McKay, (via Deadline). “And the fact that Netflix is the movie as a Comedy, the world set a very high bar for me and my team in a way that is exciting and inspiring.”

Don ‘ T Look Up, and it follows the story of two astronomers, you need to warn humanity of an asteroid approaching the earth. To speak without a lot of experience, the duo is a great tour in the media, about the eminent danger that could destroy the entire planet.

The production of a feature comedy, is to start in April, will be published later this year. In addition to the drive, McKay is also a sign of the screenplay and serves as producer alongside Kevin Messick (executive Vice).

Scott Stuber, the Director of the films in the series, said: “Adam has always had a very good time to make a Film that is intelligent, relevant and funny, a reflection of our culture. Even if he is, in a certain way, stop anticipating the impending death of the planet earth, and we are excited to have this on our list before it’s all over”.

The function of the comedy of the series is not the only project that involved Jennifer Lawrence and Adam McKay. The actress and the filmmaker are also together on the biographical drama “Bad Blood”. The film tells the story of Elizabeth Holmes (Lawrence) and her startup, Theranos, a company in the medical diagnostics, and fast, that is top come to be in the market for a$ 9 billion per year. The plot also comes with a crisis in the company, which is the subject of a study on the ranking of the service provided.




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