Jennifer Lopez dedicates an emotional message to Selena Quintanilla


A couple of days are filled with 25 years of the tragic death of Selena QuintanillaJennifer Lopez has a moving tribute to the interpreter, such As a flower on their social networks. And this is without a doubt the career of the ‘Diva from The Bronx,’ would not be the same without, had the great opportunity to interpret them, in the biographical film dedicated to the memory of the ‘Queen of Tex-Mex’, which was recalled a few years later, the departure of the singer.



Grateful for the honor, to interpret them, Selena, character, achieved the introduction of international fame have shared, Jennifer, an emotional message homenajeo memory of the interpreter of songs like ” Find. “Selena was a great inspiration for me, and I was lucky to be chosen to interpret them. As an artist, this film was truly an experience that you will remember for the rest of my life. Please, share your memories about Selena and the movie“he wrote also an actress in addition to a video, in which he also referred to his experience of the artist plays Texas.

In the clip, JLo was referring to his experience on the set, the artist plays to confess, Texas, that all these years, Selena was a huge influence on his career. “God gave me this role for some reason!, so you can learn to have it as an inspiration. She was the person, the more sweet and beautiful. It was important to catch him“he said excited.


Jennifer Lopez also spoke of the legacy of Selena, and have played and memorized forever. “She was an artist and sang the whole time, since I was 9 years old. With their music, energy, joy, a lot of people touched. Really my life has influenced work in this time, and the force and time with your family, that was a very important part of my life“she said.

The tribute by Jennifer Lopez for Selena Quintanilla is part of the celebration of the 23. anniversary of the biographical movie of ‘Queen of Tex-Mex’, a premiered short, march 21, 1997. From this moment on, the life and career of Jennifer Lopez not again be the same, because their actions also earned the recognition of the audience and the critique, bring it on nominarla as Best actress-Comedy or Musical for the Golden Globes in 1994, begins a career full of successes.




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