Jennifer Lopez enjoys her natural curls and shows his face without make-up


Jennifer Lopez he gave us a sample of how you are doing in order to stay focused and calm, released a video this week in your place of meditation favorite place: the beach. In the first video we see of the coast and listen to the sound of the sea. The mother of Max and Emme took the time to clear your head, you focus on your breathing and relax. Maybe yoga is the key to the time defy, as the singers! Its 50 years, the interpreter, lights up bright.

jlo on the beach to meditate©@jlo
Jennifer Lopez enjoyed the sea breeze in an afternoon of meditation

The beginning of this year, the artist surprised everyone, with the fantastic performance offered, in the halftime the Super Bowlbesides Shakira. And it seems that your figure or your skin changed since you first appeared on the scene in the late nineties. Your discipline in your healthy diet (no alcohol or caffeine) and the exercise routine will be perfectly complemented by a practice of regular meditation. After all, she has shown that you take the time to clear the mind and focus on breathing, focus, can work wonders for the mental and physical health.

Jennifer Lopez without make-up and hair natural©@jlo
Jennifer Lopez showed of course, without make-up



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