Jennifer Lopez honors the memory of the singer Selena with moving VIDEO


The singer, actress and entrepreneur Jennifer Lopez it is the consolidation of his artistic career was possible thanks to the iconic role he played in the film of 1997 “Selena”where you gave life to the late singer, known as “La reina del Tex-Mex”. Therefore, JLo by decided the memory Selena Quintanilla with an emotional video that he is on your social networks.

Selena Quintanilla was a singer and dancer of American origin, succeeded to the position in the tastes of the audience latino due to your incredible vocal talent, dance your beauty and your kind to move. Unfortunately, the 31 is. in March 1995, was murdered by her friend and President of her fan club, Yolanda Saldívar, when the singer was only 23 years old.

JLo and Selena/photo: Pinterest

JLo and Selena/photo: Pinterest

The whole life of Selena was taken in the movie that bears his name, which premiered on 30. april 1997, where the protagonist, Jennifer Lopez was. Thanks to its outstanding participation in the band of the biographical Selena Quintanilla, JLo, the international managed successfully in the cinema and in the music.


Now, almost 23 years after the release of the tape, “The Diva of the Bronx” is still known, with much love Selena, because you don’t know, if you consolidated not outside of it, and the movie, JLo, it would have-both in the world of the spectacle.

Therefore, as a small tribute to the singer of “the flower”, Jennifer Lopez 50 years ago he decided, together with its more than 117 million fans, an emotional video showing different scenes, which never before by the band, as well as various interviews, where she claims, very grateful to be able to “revive” Selena.

Jennifer Lopez triumphed by Selena

For their participation in the film “Selena” and Jennifer Lopez had the Golden Globes and MTV Movie Awards nominated in important premiaciones like. In addition, JLo Latin stressed-American music, which, when announced in the band from 1997. Wherein, she has ensured that much of its triumph was the role of “God” to play the late Selena Quintanilla.


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To honor just a few days before the anniversary of the film, and the death of the singer Selena, JLo still, the vast artistic career of the late singer, which up to now still the only “Queen of Tex-Mex cuisine,” and fans will hear more than ever follow.