Jennifer Lopez remembers Selena and bankruptcy of the voice


Jennifer Lopez remembers Selena and bankruptcy of the voice, swinging to his fans and shares unreleased material from when you have the band. To meet this 2020, the 25 years of the party of the Queen of tex-mex.

Without a doubt, he embodies in “Selena Quintanilla“it was the role that changed her life because since then, everyone knew of her and fell in love with you, to remember more, a talented woman, happy, still, followers, and so close to your family and loved ones.

Just this weekend 23 years of the film are met premiere of the biographical Selena and for Jennifer Lopez not unnoticed, because they shared a video with unpublished images from the filming of the band and the whole promo-tour, as well as interviews, where she says what, this was important in your career and how you preserved the colors of this experience.

For Jennifer Lopez, Selena Quintanilla there was a woman who achieved what many wish was, thanks to his big heart, touching the soul of his followers with his immense talent and your view on life.

To me, God has this role for a reason, to learn from her and always be my inspiration”

A tribute to and a eternal gratitude from Jennifer Lopez, Selena Quintanilla

Since there was life Selena in the film, Jennifer Lopez was amazed by his talent and his personality, so it has to be made, and honors the multiple themes of Selena has interpreted, has replicated their style of dress, and has appeared even in addition to the family Quintanilla reminder.


So, Jennifer Lopez acknowledges that Selena still a great icon for the Latin American music and shaped his career. The images from the video, made all kinds of positive reviews, from fans of Selena, thanked, and celebrated their ability to histriónica.

At the time of its publication, Jennifer Lopez was nominated for several awards for her role of Selena, something repeated again recently bar with your role as “Ramona” in the multi-function “crooks”.

Here is the video Jennifer Lopez to showed a moving tribute Selena Quintanilla in Instagram: