Kim Kardashian postponed the birth of their daughter to a manicure


Kim Kardashian is well known, is characterized by very focused in the world of cométicos, the thing is that we do not imaginab Amos, that was obsersionada with this theme, this time we were able to realize that it is more of what imaginab Amos.

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Kim Kardashian has beauty priorities a little distracted by his mondo, and influencer. In an interview for the podcast of his best friend, Jonathan Cheban, riendose, everyone who could, told in detail about the last birth of their daughter. And what struck me the most was that it shifted 2 hours of birth because I used the nails in a dark color, and she wanted to give birth to, North nail color pink.

In her last weeks of pregnancy and accompanied, to accompany the from the same best friend, Jonathan, Kim, asked, you, to McDonalds, to pluck and then you go . Then warned that the paparazzi, they were, by you, with what you are trying to lose, if Kardashian’s mayor received a call from her doctor: she had to go to the clinic to go to, because you discovered that he is pre-eclampsia, and should be delivered as soon as possible.

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Kim you should also consider that this know, estresó very much, and not only because it is in the pursuit of the paparazzi, but because Kanye West, the father, he flew in the direction of Switzerland, to a well-known contemporary art fair. He called out to his team that avisaran the moment he was landed, the birth was, and you had to go back again soon, something that, if it succeeded, because she came in time.

For the young, famous, there was only to solve a problem, because you bore the nails in a tone, almost black.Something that she did not have, at the time of the arrival of your daughter. “When I finally got home, the whole world cried: ‘you Have the birth! You have the birth already!”. But I could only remember, that if he after the birth of a girl, I needed a couple of nails roses”.

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This decided to delay the birth for two hours, of course with the permission of the doctor. “I called the doctor and asked him: “Are you sure, that the time has come? May I ask you, two hours?. I replied Yes and two hours later, I gave light to the North, with the nails, how I needed you,” concluded Kim.

As impressive is how the mind works by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian.



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