Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie the fight for the role of Cleopatra in a new cinebiografia


In accordance with the The Daily Star, Angelina Jolie and Lady Your They are all vying for the main role in an upcoming cinebiografia Cleopatra-the famous Queen of Egypt.

Still untitled, the film will be produced by the Sony Pictures it is described as a drama of historical, political, and bloody, told through a feminist perspective.

A source close to the production has said that the studio has already been in contact with the Your for the implementation of the tests of the votes, but she is a strong candidate for the role.

It was said that Diamond it was a favorite of the leadership, but after the rise of the concert because of his work on the ‘A Star Is Born‘ the singer went to the top of the wish list for the studio.

“Cleopatra was known as the ” Queen of the Nile, and the Elizabeth Taylor as the Queen of Hollywood when she starred in the film version in 1963. There is every reason to believe that the next actress to interpret, as you enjoy a position that is also high in the motion picture industry.”, he explained to the source.

Further details were not disclosed, then there are no officers, for the control of production, and not even a date for the premiere.

The film of 1963 has gone down in history as one of the production of the most respected in Hollywood, and almost caused the bankruptcy 20th Century Foxand all because of the cache The US $ 1 million as of the Taylor the main role in the film.



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