Looks like Beyoncé without wig? Your mother finally unveiled


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Beyoncé brought the hair of a thousand and one ways, but it was not until now that we know how your mane, of course thanks to your mother, your hair stylistshe shared a video in which reveals the great secret of Queen B.

Tina Knowles published in your profile of Instagram with a video in which he appears on the horizon, the hair of Beyoncé to appear, and although it may seem incredible, your natural hair goes to the waistis brown and has lights color honey.

The singer almost always prefer to use wigs in the place to transform your natural hair-and we believe that thanks to this, it is possible to keep your hair healthy.

“Today, the cutting of the hair was, in my small and could not stop imitating Neal Farinah (another stylist from Beyoncé to compensate for your mother, if you don’t take care of your hair). Was nervous, because I can be very annoying!”, you read published in the caption of the image on the other video Tina and, a short time later it was deleted.

Trailer Bey and Tina they commented that it was a friendly gesture on the part of the singer that you continue to trust in your mother, your hairdresser header, if you consider that you could pay a lot of millionaire, because a celebrated hairstylist his mane would.

Queen B not only brings the latest trends in clothes, the interpreter, “Lemonade” also risks when it comes to tones, hair dryer, cuts, and hairstyles. Although the most often used, its mane is long, curly and brown, we have seen with the blond hair, black, extra short, and with a thousand scythes.

And forget at the same time, which mimics the appearance of the legendary Toni Braxton.

Queen B in a nutshell will give you a voice of Nala in the remake of the The Lion King.



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