Miley Cyrus is committed to the painful moment when you are unsure in your body due to the constant attacks in social networks | values | ideas


Since leaving her role as the sweet Hanna Montana Disney, Miley Cyrus has done everything from his lovable character and anders holte showed an engaging personality, constant criticism throughout his career have helped.

Recently, the singer sinceró about these attacks and admitted, what is to be concerned, that he knows-to be the cruel mockery in the social networks.

Miley Cyrus had revealed surprised, for a moment he lost confidence in himself. After the also an actress, everything Video Music Awards 2013, when started at the MTV he’s in one of his presentations controversy with singer Robin Thicke.

“I was two or three years, without me in shorts. I let myself skirts on stage… and it was all because you started after the VMA and my beautiful ensemble of the nude, all to compare it with a Turkey”, reported.

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In the case of the transfer to social networks, the interpreter, Wrecking Ball said that he was ashamed of, to be “so thin and so pale”. “I felt so bad with myself that I don’t have a bikini for two years. No one thought that all the and I would can in no way be (…) The meme, very funny, may be regretted but it is also very painful,” he said.

Miley Cyrus sincere about your complex. Photo: Broadcast

The tough experience, which he did with Miley Cyrus at the age of 21 was used to start the Foundation Happy Hippie“because I needed something bigger” that is the music industry. “To have a real impact on my personal life. My seal was not sorry for what I’m doing, and be sure of myself, so that’s the worst thing you could do, for my fans mentirles or a fraud,” said the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus.



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