Music in the quarantine: Taylor Swift Split, to see 10 documentaries, home


In Argentina and in many countries of the world, the pandemic of the coronavirus led that the governments prescribe or recommend to leave its citizens to their homes. Work, activities and meetings are cancelled, leaving behind empty hours in the routines of people on a daily basis through the close.

In Viola, we provide a list of 10 documentaries about musicians ideal for lovers of music of this century, published in the last two years, and all of which are available online. Stories of consecrated hectic life, young artists and the polemics of the complaints gathered in one place.

I Have Nothing: The Recording

Split already finished his documentary Tilcara: A little further down in the skyon the presentation Poppy 66 in Jujuy, but had to interrupt its premiere by the coronavirus. But in the meantime, has freed its followers Nothing: The picture shows how she took her last theme, the homage to Ricardo Vilca.

Miss Americana

The documentary about the life Taylor Swift she was born on 23 January 2020, and is a success on Netflix. Your career, your shows, the recording of their seventh disc Loveryour eating disorders, your legal problems and your family.


Justin Bieber premiere of her own movie in Chapter via, Youtube. The first section was on 27. January, 2020. To his early musical career, success, drugs, darker, and his return to music with their fifth disc Changes.

Bring The Soul: The Movie

The second documentary of the band’s most successful k-pop BTSpremiere on 7. august 2019 and was based on the personal stories of the 7 members in the group. Now, the band, a new film is preparing to come, is called this year, Break The Silence.

Leaving Neverland

Michael Jackson’s life was the subject of several documentaries and biographies, but none was as controversial as Leaving Neverland. The film was released in January 2019, and shows the complaints from two men claiming to be abused by the musician when they were children.

Bios. Life shaped, dir: Gustavo Cerati

The documentary by National Geographic, released in november of 2018, extends the life of the leader of Soda Stereo, unreleased material, and moving interviews of friends and family. Also, the Bios of other artists such as Charly García and Luis Alberto Spinetta are.


The documentary of Beyoncé had in april 2019 and is available on Netflix. The film shows behind the scene of your presentation to the Coachella 2018, and was written, directed and produced by the same artist.

Gaga: Five Foot Two

The film-maker Chris Moukarbel, he exitosísima Lady Gaga in your entire daily life, behind the glitter, the glamour, and fame. Premiered in september 2017, and can on Netflix.

Keith Richards: Under the Influence

The documentary about the guitarist of the Rolling Stones shows, the behind the scene recording his first solo album in two decades. The film debuted in the year 2015 at the the Toronto International film festival, and you can also see online.

Olé Olé Olé: a journey through Latin America

The documentary of the legendary band the Rolling Stones, still on tour after a nearly 60-year history, made its debut in september 2016. The film shows the tour made the group in ten Latin American cities, including Buenos Aires, while they organized their historic show in Cuba.



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