OF SPAIN – Shakira sends a powerful message to the world before the crisis of the coronavirus (+VIDEO)


For many years, the singer lives in Spain, more precisely in Barcelona with his partner, Gerard Piqué and his sons, Sascha and Milan. But this is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus.

On its official account of Instagram, Shakira makes a call to the world and pointed out the mistakes that you have committed any of the countries on the European continent, the advice to follow the rest, the measures for the prevention of The world health organization (WHO).

“Many countries are not listening to the recommendations of the health authorities act too late, or the primacy of the economy before the health and well-being of the citizens”, blame the artist.

And added, “My experience is that he lived in Europe, we have thought that the virus is very fast and our leaders too slow”.


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The Colombian stressed that all the countries in the cooperation with the WHO in a coordinated plan, and should not be, so that the virus reaches, African, and latino, but not all have a system of health with the ability, the sickin particular, in the case of infections, to massive.

“Please, let’s stay home for at least five to ten days, for the welfare of the needy, the sick, the elderly people and the poorest in the world”castle Shakira.

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