Paolla Oliveira come out in support of a new affair, the study of the Rio Grande… who is the servant! – Notes – Glamurama


Paolla Oliveira e Douglas, should they fall together on the samba in the carnival Credit: Instagram

It’s been a while that you have commented on-the new affair of Paolla Oliveira), but now it seems like the relationship is getting more serious. The Queen of the drums, the Great river, the front of the group in the third over, as a test, and it came in company with Douglas, she is a coach for emotional intelligence, who was appointed as the elected representative of the time. The actress has not appeared to anyone in the public, since they broke away from Rogerio Gomes, back in January of last year.

The rumors about a possible romance between the two began in November, when the young man in question was a trailer on your social networks once you publish the interview about his goals for the year 2020: “to Pick up the Paolla Oliveira is a goal, the value of the whole year”. Douglas countered Get “it? The hook: you take a shot. People don’t ‘get’. Everyone treated him with respect. That is the goal.” Guess what: the actress is enjoying all the contributions of the young man is 34 years old, and this is the trainer’s favorite of some stars, such as Claudia, Ray, by the way, this applies for Paolla, and the company should be Possible.

It seems that you are in this carnival, the pair will fall in the samba-explanation!



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