Player Fortnite honored Fortnite the old map, by all the space. It is hard not to with the shoulders



Old map Fortnite, where many people began their adventure with the production of Epic Games.

There is probably no man who is not loved Fortnite for their ideal times. Many of the changes on the map, many Events, new items, and constant action were connected, mainly, with the old card.

Everyone remembers the events with a missile, the rumors about leviatanie that the event with “butterflies”. All this combines to one thing – an old map.

Tribute to the old card

And although since the introduction of the new card is quite a lot of time already, the players are often memory back to those first seasons. The result is a short Film, of Nexiph with an indication of all the important places.


Once upon a time there was… Well, probably what it was. To see is a remind of those times, as in Fortnite, each played almost. Now is not worse, and the production of Epic significantly decreased. Good that the Updates are released every two weeks, instead of in a big change, and, at least, nothing is known about them. Especially because still not descriptions provides with Battle Royale.

The most important news at the Moment, the items, cosmetic and small changes on the map are. Items and weapons are missing, and, of course, live Events. It may be, everything will change soon. We will remind that one of the employees promised that the “incredible” news.

The next Update is 12.21, the Epic is already testing on their servers. It is not known that a customs officer and in the meantime, it’s about bugfixach and new style in one of the Skins.




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