Rakitic: gym with his wife, Shakira, with their girls collection for Croatia


Spain is one of the most popular countries are penalized in Europe by the coronavirus, with more than 1,700 dead, nearly 30 thousand people, official. Numbers seen. So the people are forced to isolate themselves, as in many other parts of the world, in order not to be infected or the virus spread. One of them is Croatian Ivan Rakitic, companion of Messi in Barcelona.

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Pain and suffering what at the time, the steering wheel Vice-champion of the world is happening, Russia 2018 was looking for, put a coat of positivism, try to make the glass as half-welcor. “I think I’m doing a lot more than when he is in the city of sports training with my team-mates. I’m lucky enough to have a home gym and my wife is very tense and we are every day, in the morning and often in the afternoon. Rachel, we mentioned that it’s nice to share and more time together and with our two girls and we try him with a lot of smile”.

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In the dialogue on social networks, Barcelona, el steering wheel gave more details of the current life together with their young daughters: “I listen to Shakira, 24-hour front Desk, learning choreographies and dance zumba. Yes, you have quite a lot of homework and in the morning, it touches us to do the teachers”.

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Yes, he made a special request in the population, as this “very seriously”. “Don’t go on the road, or walk the dogs. The only 50 meters, I have made have been on the street to throw them in the garbage,” he said.

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To conclude, after the earthquake, that this Sunday in Zagreb (5,3 on the Richter scale), Rakitic pointed out that, already in contact, to help with your team-mates, economically in the affected areas: “I would like to send many minds. We are all in this together. And we will be all together”.



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