Revealed real conversation between Taylor Swift and Kanye (we know who lied)


In the cut you can hear that Kanye he says: “I Feel that Taylor and I we could still have sex, why? I got this p***a famosa”. The singer took in that moment that he knew what he said, the first part of the lyric, but they never agreed to call b***h. Now this version is confirmed.

In Twitter leaked a video with the original conversation between Kanye and Taylorthat shows that the man Kim he never said to the interpreter You Need to Calm Down this word, in the melody, with you it is only together that would hint to that would be that maybe sex should be.

Also West insured Tarylor his wife had, initially, rarely do they like him, that you want to add this sentence, but in the end, and being then eight months, you think, “was her favorite of the whole song”. The call, allegedly, had two objectives: to ask for permission Swift your name and support for the single.



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