Review: the damnation of a career that’s not everything, the culture of European classics of art and new trends WORKSHOP changes

The study by Harvey Weinstein produced the two images, and moving, and seemingly contradictory. The first one was the career of the people: the television has shown that the producer, at the age of 67 by the court, with the help of a Walker for the elderly. The former all-powerful in the Film industry, which produces Pulp fiction and Shakespeare In Loveit seemed weak and without hope.

The second picture is of a career on February 24, 2020, if a jury in Manhattan found him guilty of criminal sex act, sentenced in the first degree and rape in the third stage, both crimes for which he was sentenced, on Wednesday (11/03) to 23 years in prison. When the jury read the verdict, Weinstein turned to her, incredulous and shocked, to their lawyers: “I’m innocent, I’m innocent,” he said.

The first picture is a shame a monster. The allegations of sexual coercion, from a career with at least 80 women, reporting to the manufacturer, and among them celebrities such as Salma Hayek, Rose McGowan, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ashley Judd has led to the global movement for #MeToo. The conviction of a career, and a picture of a man terrorized so many people are now emaciated and weak, seems to be a turning point. If a man as strong as this one can be convicted, then no one can escape.

The second image is told to tell a different story. Even after all the evidence against him, and all to escape the testimonies of women that have reported on the patterns of behavior that are similar and recurring, including the extraction and twenty-three, and would-be starlets for a hotel room for a “meeting” that was sexual assault, threaten, suspected to ruin your personal or professional needs of the women, the denounce-the Weinstein that it was going to be. More than that, he is convinced, “I’m innocent!”, that done nothing wrong.

The question now is, after the convictions and the sentence, the image and the version of the story, you are going to throw you.” In the event that Mr. Cream of Tartar leads to structural changes in the entertainment industry, so that it is the “couch” thing in the past? Or for people like Mr. Weinstein, the man who sent him on to demand to Hollywood, still, innocence, and to pass then, after the excitement around the event, it will go back to the same behavior all the time?

For a career, there’s no way out. Also when it comes to the attractiveness of the set, that’s pretty much all right, her name is abuse always a Synonym for child sexual. And that was just the first attempt.

Prosecutors in Los Angeles have already indiciaram, two counts of sexual assault on a two-day period in the year 2013. The fees could lead to more than 28 years in prison. Mr. Weinstein is also in front of another set of cases and a larger case, with nearly a hundred women. It seems that the manufacturer of a 67-year-old will spend the rest of his life between the court and the prison.

But the question is, whether it is the case of Wine, and the judgment as of this Wednesday you will have a resonance higher in the entertainment industry, and it remains an open question.

The early indications are that it was. Mr Weinstein is not only powerful, even in Hollywood, the case of revolution #MeToo. Several of the men before you who have their careers destroyed, in the midst of the stories, the series of tests of the couch,” until the accusations of sexual harassment and sexual abuse, among them the former President of Warner brothers Kevin Tsujihara, the former head of the Studios, Amazon’s Roy price, and the ex-head of Pixar, John Lasseter, the former President of CBS, Leslie Moonves, and former producer, Brett Ratner (X-Men, The Revenant: The Return Of The).

But the seven major studios, only two of them (Universal and Amazon are the men and women, and the head of the Studio, on Amazon, Jennifer Salke, is the answer to a man, who is the President of the company, Jeff Bezos). A lot of talk about the “culture change” and “an end to the systematic abuse”, but the implicit assumption in Hollywood that the men do with the money and the power that you are able to use you to get what you want with women is still intact, though shaken.

The award for the career is not going to change. The change will only come when women are in common, after the example of the two informants in the judgment of the career, you continue to be, lifted up his voice, and talk about #MeToo.


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