Rihanna presents Fenty Beauty TikTok House


Rihanna is just the best message for your fans and lovers of the platform TikTok. Here, we provide you with the details of this cooperation.

Rihanna presents Fenty Beauty TikTok House

12 March 2020

In this globalised world, the technology, the products and services, the most famous in the world, combine them, if you need other products, services and opportunities more attractive than the previous version. This time Rihanna and TikTok they have a baby named Fenty Beauty TikTok Houseshe has all the beauty and the technology in the world in one place: a villa.

Yes, we understand, to process it too much, we explain what this new idea, the singer announced certainly all the success in the world: the opening Fenty Beauty TikTok Housea place for the tiktokers beauty of the most famous platform for videos, generate content, live under the same roof, and try out all the products in the line, Fenty Beauty, because your conclusions with the audience. Something like a reality tv show ultra millennial. All millionaires know!

In this way, such as the king Midas, everything you touched, what Riri turns it into gold, and this time the pioneer in this class shows, if we call and so on. Certainly, behind this brilliant idea come to many of the same kind, because in the end, what is the best advertising for Fenty Beauty the influencers by the time you speak, free of charge for your products?

The most well-known revealing this news in a video on the account of TikTok Fenty Beautyexplains the basics of the call for this cooperation. Still completely faithful to her style, generous and varied, with the first inhabitants of this “experiment” are so different between them, as the products in your online cosmetics.

Emmy Combs, Makayla Did, Savannah Palace and Chall Xn, are some of the tiktokers this first stay in the villa, room with locations, perfect lighting, to record a video, toilets, decoration girly and all the tools a influencer needs.

What a brilliant idea, because we see the first content!

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