Selena Gomez inspired with “Rare” and responds to wage


NEW YORK, USA.- While Selena Gomez vacaciona in Hawaii, his name was in the top of trends such as the great start to the year 2020.

First, with the support of her fans, the singer with blood Mexican, but American, was exceedingly supports mentioned after winning the recognition as the best artist of 2019, according to Universal Music India.

The fact caused great excitement and the own Selena couldn’t share with a view to, as you know, responded, was the winner of this award.

In the video, which he shared looks, covered the face with a mixture of disbelief and tears of joy, while his own body.

On the other hand, Selena is also the premiere is preparing his new album, he gave the name “Rare” for the 10. January 2020, includes easy to that previously presented in the October “Loose You to Love Me”, a song that is talking about Justin Bieber.

His followers exactly Bieber shows compared to Selena, that it is in the last few days, Bieber asked for more likes to publish a payment in advance of the material planned to draw close to the work of Gomez.

Your fans will underline the fact that the ex-to overcome actress of Disney your lupus, depression, anxiety and panic attacks had to go back into the world of music.

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