Shakira calls for the world’s leading implement of the 15 days to social isolation


“In the countries In which they now have, only in a few cases, need to learn from the mistakes that we have to pay in European countries, where the measures came too late, instemos our leaders to implement a 15-day social distance at the end,” said the Colombian in a video in your social networks to speak out, the pandemic of coronavirus.

The artist has sold over 60 million albums and won numerous awards, including three Grammy awards and 11 Latin Grammy – criticized the countries which “do not listen to the recommendations of the health authorities act too late, or the primacy of the economy before the health and well-being of the citizens”.

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“In my experience, having been in Europe the last few weeks, we have noticed that the virus is very fast, and our leaders are much too slow. All countries must together health organization, together with the world in a coordinated plan, and international,” he warned.

Therefore, he estimated that it decided governments to close schools and public places where people come together,” with the goal of “flattening the curve and to prevent the spread of the virus, especially in countries that are not willing to provide medical care, such as the Latin Americans and Africans”.

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“Please, we stay in the house, for 15 days, for the benefit of the needy, the sick, the elderly people and the poorest in the world,” added the artist, born in Barranquilla, 43 years ago.

Shakira is the only South American artist who has managed to place a song, the number 1 in the United States, and four of his simple positioned between the 20 hits one of the biggest sales of the last decade.

Source: EPH.



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