So Jennifer Lopez and her family go to the quarantine in your house


Oprah ' s 2020 Vision: Your Life In Focus Tour With Special Guest Jennifer Lopez

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  • #YoMeCorono the campaign, supported by the famous
  • The influencers the Spanish give us ideas to make us better, the quarantine by the coronavirus

    We can now with conditions or other but, without a doubt, something that connects us all, that you we have more time, the never. It is time, you see all of these movies always wanted and you never had the time read all of the books you earrings or learning apply the masks correctly to get out of the quarantine with a skin radiant. Of course we will not use all of the time, the time, and make useful things. Like everything in life, it’s going to balance and there will always be a gap in the play the fool and to simply have fun.

    And that is to make if something is really good, is a bit of a clown laughing with the family. These small moments, laughter, and help you evadiros of this whole situation is, life outside. So, we will follow the example of Jennifer Lopez revolutionized the social networks with a choreography you her husband, Alex Rodriguezand all your children give the best of yourself with a few simple steps, but very resultón:

    Under the rhythm of the song by Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign, Something Newthe family Rodriguez Lopez brand the rhythms of this hit very coordinated, and have not hesitated, in parts, both in Instagram as the new social network that is revolutionizing the youth TikTok. So do not hesitate any longer, it is time, the choice between all your favorite songcreate a simple choreography that fits into your rhythms, to give everything, to start, have your first ‘squad’ dance.



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