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The best ideas arise in moments of crisis, and if not, what to say, JLo and her fiance, Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez with Alex Rodriguez and his daughters

Jennifer Lopez with Alex Rodriguez and his daughters.(ALEX RODRIGUEZ/INSTAGRAM)

Through their social networks, the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez together with his followers, what have you done, while you have left your days of voluntary quarantine at her home in the vicinity of her fiance, Alex Rodriguez, and the two children, seeing all their creativity.

Both on Instagram as well as Tik Tok, the artist has a number of publications that show how the family has added to the insulation in your house.

The videos that were more like their fans are entertained by their children, they have taken them, and the rest of the family.

Among the videos you commented on, is the one of the twins Muñíz López, of the can see, is a drink from new york and exbeisbolista in the area of the sink, such a brilliant and surprised of the size of your fans.

“We can’t leave, no restaurant or similar, but the service and the entertainment here is good enough,” wrote Jlo in addition to the publication.

The son of López is maneuvered, a skateboard through the garden-the elegant and beautiful villa. At the end of their journey, the young woman suddenly throws caused the water, the laughter of all who saw him.

The actress has confirmed her commitment to the world and stay in the house. Of course, this does not mean that your business will have to be completed, so you can use the social networks has the announcement of a new publication: his new line of shoes with the “DSW”.

To be able to for your fans to enjoy all of these videos in the social networks, was very pleasing and hope that you will see many more in these days of social isolation in the spare time, she grabs all of them and creativity is on the Fritz.

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