The blame on Taylor Swift’s plagiarism of “Shake it off; new dishes


MEXICO.— The American singer Taylor Swift face again, the demand for plagiarism the the song Shake it offthen a court, the court of appeal overturned the file of the case.

According to Variety, the judge of the district court dismissed the case in February 2018, in the assumption that the song and the composition of 2001, Playas gon’ play, it was not enough original as well as the access to the protection of copyright.

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Judge Michael Fitzgerald ruled that the composers of the previous work, Hall and Nathan Butler, the creativity showed enough through the combination of the expressions “beaches, they gonna play and haters, they gonna hate”.

In the year 2001 the popular American culture was heavily permeated by the conceptos of players, enemies, and enemies for the player“ wrote Fitzgerald in this moment.

The demand was driven by Sean Hall and Nathan Butler, composer of the song Playas gon’ play ” she played the female group 3LW, and the text says: “beaches, they gonna play And haters, they gonna hate / Ballers, they gonna ball Shot callers, they gonna call”.

Your authors say that Swift plagiarized this part of the letter and the expression in her song Shake it off:

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