The day that Kim Kardashian used a device, in the face, then it is through his intimate


What happens in the reality tv… remains on the site for the whole life

One of the most popular activities of the followers of clan Kardashian-Jenner it is to remember a thousand stories did you know the family thanks to his reality show.

So now, one of the accounts of the most popular videos on KUWTK (with more than a million followers), recalled the day in one of the episodes, Kim Kardashian took advantage of a strange device.

According to what he said during those chapters, the woman Kanye West he used an apparatus, for controlling the psoriasisbut the shocking thing was that they will use it in the face then you pull on your private parts.

Socialite has suffered this disease a few years ago and to the images that recalls the account of fans, you told all the things that tried to fight you without success.



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