The entertainment world reacts to COVID-19. Rihanna donates to fight 5 of the mdd to the virus


The Foundation, ” Clara Lionel, Rihanna give five million dollars the efforts of the response against the coronavirus.

Los Angeles, 21. March (AP).- Starting with the search for ways to help others, to escape, to cancel, and events to organizing, here is a look at some of the ways that the entertainment industry is responding to the spread is coronavirusmost people recover but cause severe disease in the elderly, and persons with pre-existing conditions can.


The Foundation, ” Clara Lionel, Rihanna give five million dollars the efforts of the response against the coronavirus.

The money supports “people to protect in the first line of disaster relief, in particular those that are focused and serve to help marginalized communities, most vulnerable population groups in the United States, the Caribbean and Africa to prepare for what is to come,” said the Foundation in a press release.

The financing by Direct Relief, Partners In Health, Feeding America, the International Rescue Committee, the Fund for the response to the solidarity COVID-19 the world health organization and others.

“It was to protect never so important or urgent, and to prepare for marginalised groups of the population, those who are hit the hardest by this epidemic,” said the Director of CLF, Justine Lucas, in the statement.

This money goes to banks, food, testing, training of employees in the health, the prevention of viruses and distribution of relief goods to the respiratory tract.

Face masks FOR custom-made orders IN SOON

Hospitals and health workers in New York, without face masks, enough with the coronavirus promises the help of someone famous for their appearance of red carpet.

Christian Siriano in a tweet, promised to masks and asked them to make your team seam to help, services for medical response. The tweet caught the attention of Governor Andrew Cuomo, who he thanked the star Project Runway and came in contact with your computer.

Later, Siriano posted a photo of a mask in a plastic bag and subtitulĂł: “are prototypes for more updates in the next week”.


A renaissance Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? By Edward Albee, will not open again when Broadway continue their presentations, a second plant will be closed, if the world of theater is concerned with the consequences of the coronavirus.

Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? cast member Laurie Metcalf as Martha, and Rupert Everett as George. Managed only nine developments before the Broadway castle, the 12. March. The producers on the Saturday morning, the “schedule conflicts), in the middle of the close” will exit the program.

If a day came after the producers of the dark Comedy by Martin McDonagh, Hangmenno longer have said that the program is also open to the Broadway.

Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? and Hangmen were two of 16 events to open this spring, stopped in Broadway showered.



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