The Grace Kelly 90 years of a legend-the movie


At the beginning of the 1960s, after the death of his mother, until he tried to bring it back to the grocery store. The bureaucracy of the castle vetoed the idea vehemently from the. It was out of the question, that her Royal Highness the Princess of Monaco, and he could film the main role in a game. The film was the last in the life of Grace Kelly. And then there was the thing with the film itself, because it is the role of the master of suspense, he proposed was that of Marnie, a thief who is known for his frigidity, and sexual and trauma of the past, steal it. Impossible. Grace never went back to the movie, but he played in her life, and her greatest role so far. The argument of Mr Dayan, in cinebiografia it was with great gratitude. Grace, played by Nicole Kidman, to prevent the role as the Princess of the serenissima, the crisis in France under general De Gaulle.

So, Grace Kelly! She was born on the 12. November 1929 in Philadelphia, there are more than 90 years old. He died on the 14. September 1982, 37 Years. Grace, Patricia, in a family of wealthy and influential born in Pennsylvania. The Lord him – he received three gold medals at the Olympic games. He made a fortune as a building contractor. The daughter had studied in the best schools, and had won the challenge, the family, when he decided to become an actress. The father’s brother was an actor in vaudeville, and even a few movies in the tube, and the upper floor, where they would rule. Do not interpret if I have to be foreign in this environment, but it was not so, that John, his father, and I wanted to with my daughter. He studied dramatic art in New York city and made her Broadway debut with the play of Strindberg, the father/the father. It is a stop on the TELEVISION was the role of the tele-plays. The future Director Henry Hathaway noticed, and offered him a role in the Countless hours your the United States in 1951. One thing leads to another, and was engaged to the wife of a Mormon, the sheriff, Will Kane/Gary Cooper in the western, a classic do-or-die, Fred Zinnemann, 1952. At the time of the first game a dispute – peacemaker, pick-up is causing a rifle in defense of her husband, and in the woods.

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The story goes that after Killing the death of his mother, who he visited, or to Die, and though the work of grace, “mouse-grey” (shy), it was clear that it was something else. You rented it, took it under his protection, and the first thing we did was to remodel it.

How so? In the late 1940s, alfred Hitchcock, already elegera, the Swedish of Ingrid Bergman on a career in Hollywood. In grace, he found the same quality as vislumbrara you – both were Blond, cold, and the women, who, under the semblance of a ice age, were you to embody able to in a flood of emotions and lust. In the course of two years and three films between 1954 and 55, that is to say, the teacher did was give the grace of papers each and every time – ” Dial M for Killing, Rear window, and a thief of the coat. At this time, filmara Mogambo, in Africa, under the direction of John Ford. To Suffer in 1954, after the first two films with alfred Hitchcock, the star Is to Love, as the daughter of an alcoholic. It won an Oscar, but up to this day, there are people who claim that their interpretation of the somewhat dull. And the thief of the coat came in the Hitchcock the story of a thief decided to film a retiree who returns to active steps to find out who of the old methods of theft at the site, on the Côte d’azur.

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Help win the advantage, win at any cost. Both of them are involved, and the scene-key exchange in a very kiss, while the espocam in the sky fireworks. Also in 1955, understood with all the censorship, all over the world that it’s an orgasm. During recording, the visit to the Cannes film Festival, Grace Prince Rainier met III. they were Married for, what was at the time, as in the fairy-tale perfect. The Princess of Hollywood-turned-Princess-of-fact. From there it was only for shopping. He was devoted to his family, to aspire to the parents of the three children and the humanitarian work with disadvantaged children and young people to a career in the arts. In his short career, he was nominated (and won) a few of the most important awards of the film industry in the world. Two nominations for the academy awards, three for a Golden Globe award, two Bafta Awards, one for the NBR Award for the YFCC’s Award and the Bambi award. Has become a Symbol of elegance and sophistication. In addition to alfred Hitchcock, another Director, Herbert Ross, he tried to cooptá it on the date of the decision, that Anne Bancroft and Shirley maclaine’s hairstyles play ended in 1997. He died in a car accident, the year of 52.

This is so perfect, and the early death always had the fantasy for the audience. Speculation arose that the work was not brought from nothing, as is your idea of grace is able to transform into a volcano of eroticism. It would have been a furore behind the scenes in Hollywood. They tell the stories of the novels and burning, with co-stars. It could have been a walloping. It doesn’t matter. What’s left is the myth. Grace Kelly is considered one of the greatest legends of Hollywood-Films – in fact, according to a poll by the American Film Institute, on the 13.Th. The infamous Andy Warhol dedicated a portrait in the screen-printed, limited-edition, and the other, the light of pop art, James Gill, also has his portrait – Grace Kelly-in the sun. But to perpetuate it in the cinema, and the films of alfred Hitchcock. A pair of scissors in Dial M, the fireworks, the thief of the coat, and especially in the scene in which James Stewart, plant and equipment, the send to address of the killer in rear window. Grace is part of the thrill that every movie Fan worth his salt. Just for the record, Telecine Cult last do-or-die, at 20h25, and the thief of the shell has, at 22h.

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