The hard confession from Miley Cyrus to Hailey Bieber about their sexuality and their religion


This Friday night, Miley Cyrus and Hailey Baldwin directly from Instagram. Due to the quarantine, the coronavirus that we live in today, the famous are, more than ever, social networks are not only for the communication with the fans, but also with other celebrities.

Both the singers as well as the model grew up in a Christian Church, but He left it and now this video wanted to explain why he:

Some homosexual friends in high school had. This is the reason why I is my Church, that they were not to be accepted. They were sent therapies, transforming … I also had trouble, my sexualidad“began the artist.

So, now I think, if you tell me that I transform my relationship to God as an adult and it feels more acceptable to me I would me less by spirituality“finished.

For his part, Hailey Baldwin, you are supported to say that “it is their journey between you and God. It is not your journey, and the other 10 people. It is only your. Is between you and Him. I believe that Jesus tried to love the people, regardless of where you are in life. I had been in trouble with the Church, that the people feel excluded and not accepted and can not be separated from exactly what you believe and whom you love“.

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