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David and Serena Armstrong-Jones || Credits: Play

And it’s not 2020, it is in danger of becoming more and more runs an “annus Sidebar” for Queen Elizabeth II? This is because it was not enough for the terror to the next Chapter of sex scandals by his favorite son, Prince Andrew, and she is now to have to come up with a divorce in real life the nephew of the king, of David Armstrong-Jones, and his wife, Serena Armstrong-Jones, announced on Monday that it put an end to their marriage of 25 years. According to a spokesman for one of the two, the meeting officially by the title of earl and countess of Snowdon, and the decision of them by the end of the union, as it was user-friendly and plug-in drive, and all the now ex-couple must in this time is that your privacy is protected.

David is the oldest son of Princess Margaret, the only sister of Queen Elizabeth II, died in the year 2002, Antony Armstrong-Jones. Had Serena, he two sons, Charles Armstrong-Jones, Viscount / Linley, 20 years ago, and the lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones, 17 years. By the way, there is less than a week for the eldest grandson of His Highness, Peter Philips, son of Princess Anne and captain Mark Phillips, has announced that it will be renewed from the autumn of Phillips, who came to the altar in 2008, and you should, too shaken to their left.

In a famous speech he gave in November 1992, the same year he saw his first-born and natural heir, the king’s son, Charles, to separate, to do the Princess of wales, and has also had the consequences of a fire that destroyed some parts of his official residence to a popular place, Windsor castle, Queen Elizabeth II, has stated, that going back over the last twelve months, “it would be a time in which you would have to with the greatest of pleasures”. “The year 1992 was, in the words of one of my more sympathetic correspondents, an “annus Sidebar’,” claims the head of the Royal House of Windsor, by quoting a Latin phrase that means “the year of the terrible.” (For The Anderson’s market)



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