The panties are g-string, Geisy Arruda, with the invitation of the fans of the group proibidão


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The youtuber, and a digital influencer Geisy Arruda You already have a state of quarantine, and invite your followers in the group, where they can interact in a communication-platform. This Saturday (21st), he or she the invitation with a picture on your profile on Instagram has.

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Click on the bold, Geisy Arruda said. “Come and join my group;***” . In the time of the arrest, the digital influencer clicks, and the revelation on the social together networking sites. (here is a picture of him in his entirety is at the end of the matter

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On-On-one conversations with your followers Geisy Arruda took some questions about his private life. For the moment, a youtuber has come to talk to you, you isolaria on “go” and also was critical “in** without a kiss”.

The reproduction of the Instagram de Geisy Arruda
The reproduction of the Instagram de Geisy Arruda

What’s the fun in that:** without a kiss? It is the same one that you eat, and you don’t labuzar-of-mouth. If I had a friend lock him out of quarantine and in captivity to use him, then tied him to the bed. With no mercy, or piety, ( … ), I’m here in the dry season“took.

Geisy also shown is the companion to her, during this period of isolation. “For Meu a mate of years. You have to know about the ‘John“‘ has revealed, she is in for the horrors of the internet users.

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