The party with DiCaprio, a treatment of 30 billion dollars: the life of photographers and influencers – 22/03/2020


You have tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, but they are not just popular in the United States. While it can often be recognized, which never appeared in the TV show.

With no routine in my life, and it seems that the Glamour photographer, the opinion makers have a niche market to support it, to earn money and a life style that many aspire to. Here you can learn a little about the history of the three professionals, you can:on most of the photos you like to follow in the profiles, such as

The food truck for the week of the international fashion

Reproduction In Instagram
Image: Reproduction In Instagram

“My story as a photographer began with the food. That’s right, I have to Stand on a picture of some of the dishes that I used. I was a student in the restaurant business in Paris, where I lived for 5 years. I came back to São Paulo to work in a restaurant that was open. It didn’t work, and I went to the burger on a food truck, in addition to the sale of a few sweets.

One day, a friend of mine saw a picture of a recipe that I had published and asked me whether I follow topava to be a factor in the interior of an edition of the Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

I had never thought to photograph the people, but since I have nothing to lose, I accepted the job.

In addition to the camera, which took a half on the mouth, the cord of the image directly to the mobile phone of the person. Addressing those who were on the trip photographed it, sent the pictures to them, and, as a thank you, I on Instagram. Well, my name was very popular.

So, if you have an idea, how much I missed, I had no idea that it creators is the only photo I had of the opinion, it was the street style. It took almost two years before I left the kitchen and on the image. If I fell into the graces of the influencer Lele Saddi, and in the next Flavia Brunetti, began to receive more invitations as a photographer to work.

But, bombei, even if I invested and I was on my own Fashion Week in Paris in the year 2018. A map of the city, dominating the French, and that has made all the difference. I was able to shoot, Kris Jenner, and she called me to do a cover of a magazine.

The jobs have become prominent and best known as A finding, and, Isis Valverde, and began to follow me.

All of a sudden I found myself in the exchange of E-Mails with them, and I suggested that in the photography. That is in direct contact with the stars, she brought me to imagine as a possibility, like going to the parties, exclusive of the Paris Fashion Week, where I photographed them, Maria Borges, angel [at Victoria’s Secret, Alessandra Ambrosio. Or you eat beans on a Sunday, in the house of Sabrina Sato and spend new year’s eve with Claudia Raia, who I’ve become close to.

I grew up, and the brands that called me to work with. I’ve done the photos for a profile in the official Dolce & Gabbana, for example. I have created a project, called “fashion trip”, in which I produce in a session for a brand in Brazil, in cities such as Milan, Italy. The setting of a model to iron out the outfits that will be clicked, then it will be on my own.

In the background, it’s just the glamorous life as a photographer of the famous is not.

A lot of people think that the title is bad, but I think it is a sign of respect and recognition. Now I come to the event to spread photos of the professionals, and the people I abused you only need to dispense a Mat for me. But I don’t know deslumbro with these things.

My career has me attention, but I don’t know that I’m a celebrity. For this reason, I refuse almost all of the proposals publipost on my Instagram [post-advertising]. I am not greater than my own work.

I don’t want to be a blogger, I want to be a photographer.”

Iude Richele

The campaign, with Gisele Bündchen and the Breakfast with the stars in Hollywood

Reproduction In Instagram
Image: Reproduction In Instagram

“I had to tell always have a passion for people and stories. To combine the photography was a way for the two passions. Maybe that can explain to work why I started with bloggers. They were ordinary people tell their own story. It makes me totally fascinated.

Twelve years ago, the photographers focused too much on the campaigns in the fashion, and because the hype was greater. But I have the same exchange I had with the girls. I photographed Kathy Coutinho for a very long time, I Thássia ship, I knew Julie Would make it in New York city, and you will desgrudamos.

Those factors to protect for me, I was asked to beat me.

You grew up a lot, and were asked about working with brands. This has led to more work for me, because they ask for the contractor, I call them. If a person increases trust in your work, your self-esteem and self-confidence, as more and more of the universe flows to you with the things that make you feel powerful. The most I’ve won the opinion-makers, was sure that he was on the right path.

Of course, a picture of influential factors, in addition, it provides the experience surreal, like at the Cannes film Festival, and will have the joy to watch and click on to Kim Kardashian to visit, a lunch with Cara Delevigne, and be in the same party, Antonio Banderas and Leonardo DiCaprio. Not to encourage you talk too much about the encounters with the great stars of Hollywood, because I don’t want it on the top. But it is really nice to see that these people are just like us.

For the sake of your influencers, I’ve ridden all over the United States, and got to know the places in the world, is unlikely, I would want to visit such as Dubai, Thailand, Maldives and China. In China, in fact, I was one of the most memorable moments in my life, I have made a picnic on the great wall of China, Julia Would do, and we have the privilege, the sun had set, something that is rare in this country is so polluted.

In these experiences, we help people, saw a therapist for the person on the go. It is a replacement, a very bright.

Working with an expert brings a lot of attention. Gisele Bundchen shooting in a campaign, it was one of the fruits of my labor. I made a dream come true. It’s pretty cool, treats the whole world as well. It is not the kind of person that makes all the difference in the world.”

Louise Foster

A loss of R$ 30 thousand, financed by the influence of factors

The Disclosure
Image By: Handout

“I worked as a photographer in the area is Large, such as the influencer, Nicole Pinheiro, has done a job that in the year 2015, and loved the photos that I have taken away from him. At the time, I just had the issue of$ felt 12 million on a video camera with wi-fi, and Nicole, great that I could send your images in the same time that I took.

She liked it so much for me that bancou, I came across a new edition of the Sao Paulo Fashion Week, so I have you to capture every step of the way. It was there that I met most of my clients are with me to this day: The Jews, the Mariana Saad, Helena Lunardelli, Anna, Fasano, and Lala Noleto.

Our connection was immediate. More than just a professional partnership, we have created a bond of friendship.

In 2016, he was still in it when they stole all my equipment, and I had more than$ 30 billion in damage. The girls have come together and helped me get everything I needed. I am very grateful to you.

When I first moved to St. Paul in the fall of 2017, more than once, because they keep me. To sell the guy, I decided, together, to the apartment, all the furniture in the house and left me with nothing. The Jews to me, and he donated the Desk, bed and bedside table. Anna Fasano, gave me a lot of decorative objects and paintings.

I’m a little spoiled by the influencers.

Lu and Marcella Tranchesi, for example, had invited me to spend Christmas with their families. It is because of them, I’ve realized that my dream of a trip to the outside world. Samara Checon, Aletânia de Oliveira, Ana Paula, Suebert, and Dani Cabrera, learned me to Paris, and in Milan, where I got the wonderful restaurants. Would not the have not experienced, if it does not work with any of them.

The photographer, from the the opinion-makers brought a different set of experiments detected a strange, here and there. ‘ve is a image asked was with me in Milan, and at the Cidade Jardim Shopping center.”

Higor Blanco



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